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The 2020 CIDOC Conference will draw a large participation (documentation specialists, communication specialists, curators, professionals in charge of educational programs, IT services, directors, as well as mathematicians and information specialists..). The digital technologies have progressively modified the documentation procedures and have transformed the museum skills. This shift is increasing the development of new actions towards publics and visitors. As new instruments of communication and education, these technologies are nowadays essential to better understand the  museum visitors’ needs. An important part of the conference will deal with the impact of the new technologies on the museum activities (augmented reality, virtual reality, social networks…) thanks to the participation of international experts in this field.

The CIDOC conference in Geneva is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas on digital transformation in cultural heritage institutions. Museum professionals involved in this effort all around the world will meet at the Museum of Art and History from december 5 to 11, 2020. If you wish to start a conversation with these digital experts and contribute to the research on technological transformation for future museums, join us! If you want to support us, there are a number of options in which you can help give visibility to the event.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss ways in which we can collaborate.

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